what we do

Hi, we are Rob and Ellie, award winning photographer and celebrant/officiant. We specialise in photographing and conducting alternative, quirky, eclectic and individual weddings for couples wanting amazing personalised ceremonies.

We work alongside you to write, perform and photograph your special day, regardless of your venue or location. From intimate garden ceremonies to lavish locations; we love being a part of each special day.

What to expect

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About us

In 2009 after just four days of being together as a couple, we decided to get married, and eight weeks later we were Mr and Mrs Farrell. Married life is brilliant, and we love working with couples who are madly in love and looking to have unique weddings all about them.

When we aren’t working, we love travelling and discovering new places, being with our family, friends and dogs, tattoos (we both have a lot of them), and going out to gigs as we are mad about music.

Get in touch

We ar based in Whitby in North Yorkshire. We travel up and down the UK performing and photographing weddings as a husband and wife team.

Call us 0n Rob: 07590 657418 or Ellie on 07590657418